I like sausage its good on bread and when you have mustard and mayo I love when we have some I eat it all and I like it with potatoes and my eggs and bacon and homemade tortillas its good and steak with sausage is good too I like it because its juicy


Meat is the best i eat a lot of meat its healthy and it taste good i love steak. steak is my favorite so is ribs i like the meat that just comes off the bone and sausage is so good with mustered and mayo i will never get burned out of meat and ham is good on thanksgiving and thank the pig and cow for what kind of meat they have given us

The team that is going to the finals

the spurs are going to the finals they are the best nba team kawhi holds the team in place and parker has a nice tear drop they are my fav team they beat alot of team they are ranked second but they are still good they will win every playoff game and beat the finals i think kawhi will get MVP but if they work as a team they will win Creative Commons License Michael 2014 NBA ChampionsTipton via Compfight

first post

hi i am blake and i play basketball and we won and landons team lost because they had a bad day they play a not so good team so they should win i am glad that tom brady has 5 super bowl game they came back and falcons lost i am so glad because i thought they were going to lose i was scared